Letter no. 7: When the Writer Meets the Painter

Just when the painter paints and the writer writes, two worlds are told, two lives are formed. But when the painter meets the writer, one precious moment is born. In this letter, witness and unfold how a timeless love story is both painted and written after the brush met the pen, and find out what happens.., when this time the painter writes, and the writer paints.

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Dear Michael,

The clock says it’s time for bed, but my eyes are still nailed at the manuscript flashed before my eyes. I don’t plan to sleep yet until I’m finished reading and revising the final chapter of this novel. My laptop’s battery is going dead and my neurons are starting to drop. It’s eleven in the evening but I haven’t selected among the three titles I wrote down earlier of which will fit the novel’s plot. It’s very quiet tonight. I am alone in my room with my cat cuddling down my toes. Oh, poor cat, he’s longing for my attention but my thoughts are focused on the manuscript I am editing, besides, I should finish this now cause I’m attending a writers conference tomorrow afternoon with some of my college friends. I am meeting my editor too to discuss some of the important details of this book’s launching.

From my room, I can hear the mild whistles of night cricket outside and how they annoyed our neighbor’s dog barking in and out. But I’m not distracted. I am inspired instead for they’re like music of the night. My glass window is quarterly opened which is giving me the perfect view of the empty street and the vast canopy. I can also see the crescent moon half asleep, peaceful with the stars. The serenity is killing my brain and urging me to stop for awhile, rest and reminisce.

Beside me, just near the table, is a gift in a green box. A black and white painting framed in wood with silver border. In it is a very meaningful portrait of a man with the most angelic eyes. He has a perfectly curved nose and bounty lips. His clean-cut hair adds up to his manly look extending down to his chin which makes his face symmetrical, like Keanu Reeves of the 90’s. The portrait is drawn with a charcoal perfected by pastel in a white canvass. This man on the portrait looks handsome.., very handsome. It seems real. His name is Onix. Do you remember Onix? I don’t know how many times I’ve told you about him and how we met. Everytime I look at this painting, those memories roll back.

It was a bad day to begin with of June 18 at SM Megamall. The rain poured unexpectedly after I got out of PSE building in Ortigas Centre. The bad thing was, I forgot my umbrella. I just had a meeting then with my editor about some details of the cover of the book I was writing and he asked me to submit a few samples the next 2 days. In a rush, I crossed over Meralco Avenue for a shortcut, jumped to the escalator, got down to the next street and ran my way to the entrance of the Megamall. My pants were soaking wet so I decided to stop by, look around some stuffs and have a stroll at the mall. So I went up to the 2nd floor, window shopped apparels, bought umbrella and went up to the 5th floor where the gallery of paintings can be seen. I decided to look around thinking I might get an idea of what the cover of my book would look like, and besides, looking at them is such a stress reliever. I stopped by at one of the outlets in a far end corner as I saw an abstract painting that was an attention seeker. I gave a distant look from the outside, like 10 seconds. Then I entered the glass door, approached the painting, touched it, felt it for about 20 seconds and analyzed its every stroke. It was beautiful, rugged shapes in purple shade. I was captivated.

As I was staring blankly at the painting, a man from behind suddenly broke my silence.

Man: It was Louie delos Reyes’ masterpiece, 1997. I was there during the launching of his exhibit August last year. This one is my favorite. Its very unique. The hue is warm. The stroke is mild, texture is present and look at the color, it captivates the soul. How I love purple. 

I turned around and there he was standing at my back. He stood 2 feet taller than I me. I noticed his angelic eyes and how it stared the paintings… very inviting. I noticed how his bounty lips collide as he spoke, and noticed finally that I was a bit analyzing his face which made the situation awkward.

Me: Uhm, yeah, you were saying? Sorry I was just inlove… I mean with the painting. I fell inlove with it. See it’s very nice. I like it in fact.

I smiled at him. He did back too.

Man: Are you here to buy it?

Me: No, I don’t have any intention. Actually I was just strolling around here. I had a bad day in the office. I just happened to be here.., uhm, I don’t know, to get some inspiration, or to relieve the stress I’m feeling… Oh no, actually I am here to get some ideas. I am a writer by the way, so art is next to my interest. And I haven’t talked to my artist friend yet cause he’s too busy. And I was just planning to do the cover myself and I am here to get ideas. haha. Was it too much to say. I’m sorry. I really just talk all the time.

It took awhile before I asked the same question.

Me: so why are you here then?

Man: Oh, yeah. Well, uhm, I think I am here too meet you. What I mean is, I have the same situation. I had a bad day too. I’m an artist by the way. And this painting drives me crazy. I’m a fan of Louie delos Reyes’ creations. The thing is I see my soul in this painting, that’s why I like it, and whenever I feel down, I go here. My name’s Onix by the way.

He offered a hand, we shook tightly and I introduced myself too. I don’t know it’s like coincidence that I was looking for an artist and suddenly he’s just right beside me and I was talking to him and we shared the same feelings and appreciation over art.

Me: My name’s Coco. I’m a writer. I write for magazine at the same time a freelance independent writer for press. I’m an author too, but unpublished yet. Haha. Well uhm, planning to be published this year if I’ll make it in the next two days.

Onix: What do you mean?

Me: I actually need to submit my cover drafts quickly.

Onix: How quick?

Me: like two days… including now.

I didn’t know what’s going on his mind until he finally said,

Onix: Wait, I’m interested. Would you like to see my portfolio. I have it here. Wow, are you kidding? This is just surprising.!

Me: Yeah sure, uhm, what’s surprising? Help me understand.

Onix: I mean this day. Everything that happened today. I mean whenever I’m down I told you, I always go here and then I accidentally met you and we are having this conversation. That was just amazing for me. I don’t know, small things I appreciate so much. So Coco why don’t we leave out here, go some places like coffee probably and discuss things. I’m interested to hear what the novel is all about so I can draft the cover. I’m totally free today. I was on my way home earlier, I just decided to drop by to see this. Haha.

I hesitated at first.

Me: Well, I’m sorry but can you make it in less than two days?

Onix: Yeah sure. Uhm.. I can make it.. now.

He smiled back. I melt. I was amazed too and mixed emotion as I was thinking the same way. He’s very animated when talking. He smiled a lot, which made the whole conversation very light. I loved how he thinks, and one last thing, he got me with a coffee invite. I knew then I was inlove.

One snap. Two snaps. Back to reality. Wait, that was too fast, probably I just missed having a coffee.

So we went to Coffee Bean, grabbed some cappucino and cupcakes and ran down directly to business. For two hours, we were just talking, arguing and designing the cover. He would draw, incorporate my idea to his, crumple the sheet and so on and so forth until we came up with a meaningful cover artwork. I didn’t know how to thank him for saving my day and welcome him for saving his bad day too. And so we spent the rest of the night talking and getting to know each other. It was a very memorable night. Two sad hearts that suddenly became happy. Two different people meeting over a common weakness. Two less lonely people tracking a different path of career but same path of feelings. That’s how we met. That’s how it all started Michael. That’s how we became friends.

We exchanged contacts before we parted ways.

He phoned me the night after that day. We talked about silly things. I couldn’t believe he’s a country music addict too. He sang me “Soulmate” by Natasha Bedingfield that lulled me to sleep. He sounded very calm. I adored his voice and wished I could sing that well too. 

After two days, my cover got approved by my editor. That was the happiest moment of being a writer: knowing that you’d be read finally. My communication though with Onix didn’t stop. We started dating, discovering each other’s likes and petpeeves, sharing heartaches and learnings. He’s very nice Michael. He’s the type of guy who has a deep perception of love and takes care of that perception. We found comfort on each other. He listens to Natasha Bedingfield too the way I idolize her. He draws life while I write it, and we know we have the same purpose of of doing it. He knows and somehow believes in astrology while I don’t,
which is still cute- at least we know there are things we don’t share the same thoughts with, and in the real world, that’s normal. Nirvana does not exist. He’s bisexual but by his looks you can never tell that he is. He had just moved on from a failed relationship December last year due to differences that were more than their commonalities.

And so we came to the freezing point. We shared what we have. I discovered that I have potential on arts in the same way that he used his deep mind to create stories. We would meet every Monday to celebrate our friendship day and to have another moment of sharing. He taught me how to mix oil with pastel while I taught him how to put color to a story. He taught me how to stroke the brush while I taught him how to strike the pen. He learned that a painting is long tale when expressed into words while I learned that a novel can be shortened into a squared painting. We enjoyed the moment of sharing. He was very sweet. His first article was about forbidden love and my first artwork was about the same. 

Right now.

The clock says it’s time for bed but my thoughts are still buried six feet under. I’m editing a manuscript cause tomorrow, I will present this to my editor. And tell you whaat, this is not my story Michael. This is not my novel. It’s Onix’s novel. He wrote it for me. It’s a story about bisexual parenting and how people like us can be parents too. I’m finding it amazing for a painter like him to write such a beautiful story. I’m just helping him with the editing. Beside me, just near the table, is a gift in a green box. A black and white painting framed in wood with silver border. In it is a very meaningful portrait of a man with the most angelic eyes. He has a perfectly curved nose and bounty lips. His clean-cut hair adds up to his manly look extending down to his chin which makes his face symmetrical, like Keanu Reeves of the 90’s. The portrait is drawn with a charcoal perfected by pastel in a white canvass. This man on the portrait looks handsome.., very handsome. It seems real. His name is Onix, and this gift in green box is my gift for him. I made it two days ago as a birthday present. I wanna show him what he taught me, and I can’t believe that I made it with my bare hands.

On Monday, July 29, we will celebrate another week of our friendship. We will share another moment of laughter over cappuccino and cupcakes at Coffee Bean. It’s his birthday too and I will surprise him with this portrait I sketched. It looks exactly like him. I hope he’ll like it.

We are good friends by now, helping each other move on from the pains of our past. We are not expecting but we are at least hoping that our companion would let me believe in love again and would let him forgive and forget. I learned so far that it takes a staircase to love, not an elevator.

I’ll just finish this then I’l sleep in a while. I think I know what the title of this novel would be.

And hey, while the canopy is still and the moon is up there, play me this song while I sleep.



***This letter is dedicated to my new found friend Louie, his artworks and creations can be found here: www.miserysong.deviantart.com. Toast to a great start.!***

“I learned so far that it takes a staircase to love, not an elevator.”

“Which works better for you in a relationship, having much more commonalities or differences?”

If you got the message and are Michael enough to break the question mark, then share your thoughts of the above letter and be featured as the next response letter. Just send your letters to lettersformike2012@gmail.com and be yourself read by others who have probably got the same thoughts.

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Song: “What do we mean” sung by Sergio Mendes
Photo lifted from: http://www.miserysong.deviantart.com


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  1. I have no words. I am learning english thanks to you.

  2. Very good use of description – it is not at all difficult to visualise the atmosphere around the characters. I especially enjoyed the realism, how Coco and Onix stutter during their first conversation together, and ‘um’ a lot, unable to think of what to say before they are drowning in each other. It was actually quite funny to read something that seemed so incredibly realistic because the way you have written the moment captures it perfectly. Additionally, great use of romantic conceptions which heightened the relationship and the tone of the piece.
    I also enjoyed the repetition, how at the start you highlight how Onix looks in your mind with that Keanu Reeves style nineties impression, and again at the end. However, one thing I did not get – you mentioned how Coco and he were involved in a romantic relationship (because they were dating) and at the end you refer to it only as a ‘friendship’ – did I miss something? Maybe that’s what you meant by ‘freezing point’ – don’t mind me, I haven’t been on a date in nearly two years so perhaps I’ve forgotten the lingo.
    Oh, and the part about how homosexual/bisexual couples can be parents – I don’t think you need to read that from a book – maybe I’m just ignorant – the amount of knowledge I know on the homosexual community could be written down on a piece of paper one cm by one cm, and even then there’d still be plenty of room to write my shopping list. However, I believe parenting is parenting and anyone can do it – the only difference would be that instead of the child calling his/her parents ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, in this case in particular, the parents would be ‘dad’ and ‘dad’. But that is just my opinion.

    • Hi thank you very much as always for your feedback and warm words. Hehe I appreciate it a lot. They are not in a relationship. They are dating but they are friends. You know the stage before you enter a relationship, like courship. Hehe I hope u got it. And on the parenting part, cause here in the Philippines, same sex marriage isn’t totally legal yet and its a bit tabboo. In short, society doesn’t fully accept it. From wherever you are, I so much thank you for visiting my page and reading its every word. ==) Warm hugs from abroad

  3. First – I’m green with envy because you have managed to do what I wanted to do with my first blog… I named it “Letters to Strangers” -However, I think it never got to the point where in it was as deep and sophisticated as this was. i’ve long abandoned that blog – http://writingyouletters.wordpress.com … I don’t know, maybe someday when my head is screwed back on the right way, I’ll revisit it again and revive it.. Your blog will certainly be an inspiration if that happens 🙂

    Second- The post is awesome and I’m following your blog. I might not be as active as I can be in commenting but I’ll certainly be an avid reader.. 😀


    • Thank you very much for visiting and sharing the same insight. I guess it’s alright to have the same concept cause we are totally different. We may have different approach to when it ccomes to writing style. But I thank you so much for dropping by and giving me an inspiration too to continue writing. I’m looking forward to visit your site too. Godbless you always. coco

  4. I like the way you deliver this. at first, I was thinking how you would incorporate the painter being the writer and the other way around. But damn! you caught me. Very nice style in writing and very deep imagination. I admire your works. I really loved this article. One of my favorites amongst. And that song, that was terrific. Like I almost cried. Can’t wait to read the next post. jeno

  5. I was sucked into this writing, and this story. Thank you for sharing…great writing

  6. 🙂 You and this blog are something special! It feels like fresh sky and clean air after spending time here.

    • Hi Barb,
      Thanks for dropping by here. =) I appreciate it so much. I’ll continue to be a fresh sky and you readers are like clouds making the picture perfect. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’d love to read your posts too. =)

  7. Hi Coco,
    this is a great story – I like it!

    “I learned so far that it takes a staircase to love, not an elevator.” – This sentence is grandiose!

    This is very true – thank you for sharing!

  8. This is beautiful writing, and I have special affection for the piece considering that I am a writer and new artist. You remind me much of a writer that I have come to love and respect, GeneratingHype (aka Bill). He passed away too recently, but I think his words will touch you if you give it a look. He wrote letters too. Believed the art of letter-writing was much too neglected. It’s a pleasure to stumble over your blog. ^^


  9. Love a good bro-mance at 12 am

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