Postcard from Heaven

Thursday, August 30th, marks the fall of the three missing angels. Catch them as they fight for love, wisdom and hope. Very soon…


Posted on August 29, 2012, in POSTCARDS. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Let me be on Daniel’s weapon. I love your cover P.S .Joe.

  2. Wish you never stop to search for your mission

  3. I’m fascinated by your blog. I’ve never seen anything like it. Obviously, it comes from an extremely creative mind…

  4. Hello there! I am new to wordpress. Not much of a blogging community here, which is sad. (or maybe I’m just out of the loop) I come from xanga — very close knit group over there. So I thought I’d stop by and comment. Have a swell day, sir!

  5. Hi! I just wonder where the angel of “Truth” is? Is it the missing angel in the postcard?

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