Letter no. 9 Page 2. Daniel: Angel of Wisdom

“I spread my wings not to search but just to be searched.”

6:30PM Starbucks, Tomas Morato St.

I am here. Alone. Not really alone. I met these two some minutes ago, Claire and Marcus. Nobody is speaking. I don’t know what theyr’e thinking now but this time for me usually is not so early but not so late. I must have been home at this time, chasing Kyle with watergun after a tiring day, my sweet son. How I miss my sweet son. He is like my life. But life is different now. My fatherhood just ended 2 hours ago. Whew! I can’t believe it, but I’m used to it. I can live alone I swear to God. It’s not my lost.

I could still remember Jena’s face as she handed me the folder. Jena was my wife. She is an ex-wife now. We were in Kyle’s favorite place in Glorrieta 5 around 4:30PM, in Jerry’s Grill. I can still see his face out of nowhere while my head is playing a sad music.


It was so cold in that room. I waited for around 30 minutes when Jena came along with our son Kyle. Jena and I had not been living together for months due to some family reasons. We only see each other every weekend to show Kyle that we are okay and that he has a parents so to speak. I was never inlove with Jena the same way wasn’t. Well actually, we are okay, we just don’t live at the same roof. As she was about to sit in front of me, straightforward, she said.

It’s official. The lawyer has finalized everything… and… and.. we are off… and.. you can still see Kyle though.”

She was talking about the divorce. Right in front of my innocent son, she delivered the somehow heartbreaking news. She was red… and teary… I hoped she’s not pretending that moment. And I was sitting frozen. I was expecting it though I just didn’t know it would be too soon. I was surprised by the feeling of sudden guilt but my ego let me speak. I came a little bit closer to Jena, held her hand and whispered.

Hey can we be a family now? You know Kyle is here and I don’t want him to know that we are not together or we will not be together at least. Can I hold on to that? Just please not now.” I said.

I looked down to Kyle and smiled,

Hey buddy, Are you alright? Come here. Why don’t we order your favorite barbecue. And then later we’ll stroll down the park. How does that sound?

Kyle displayed a big smile on his face. A smile I would never see again at the back of my mind. I was thinking of Kyle and how he would grow the whole time we were together. When we were at the park, while Kyle was playing around the bush, Jena and I had a private casual conversation. I told her to just let Kyle know that I’d be going somewhere far, be working far, abroad. It was an emotional ending for both of us and seeing Kyle cry was a total heartbreak.

6:00 PM

As my heart pounded fast, I sipped coffee, one shot, one more and I feel relaxed after. I was not sure but there was this man at the counter looking at me. Like he hasn’t seen a handsome daddy before. Yes I am, Age check, I’m 27, gorgeous physically, dangerous, not so serious but who cares. Girls are made for me to have sex with. Been married twice,..uhumm. sorry thrice, had been involved in three successful accidents I call them, but amongst, Kyle’s my favorite. I have no idea where my other two cuties are. The man at the counter kept on looking at me and I acted as if I didn’t notice. All I was thinking was to make a plan.

I had to make a plan. I am a bachelor again, downside, change routine, upside, new girl to look for. It’s pretty tiring to be a nomad. I pulled my planner, check my schedule and see no appointment tomorrow. I gazed outside hoping to get answers.

The man was crazy. A boy in his past twenties carrying a tray with frapuccino and whatever piece of bread sit beside me. I could tell he’s gay by the way he acted, I trusted my fortune telling ability. And finally, yeah boy… an answer poked on me.

Gays have a lot of girlfriends. This is a chance I should never missed. I played my favorite game. I call it a stranger game.

Cafe’s these days aren’t just for relaxation. It’s like a place for burnt, wifi parasites or broken hearted.” I said to him.

He’s like surprised but I know he knew I was talking to him. He didn’t say a word. Goddamn fool.

I cleared my throat.

Excuse me?“, He finally uttered.

Do you agree?” I insisted as my eyebrow grew wider, forcing him to answer back.

Yeah! I guess“. He said.

I’m Daniel… and you are?” I asked.

Waiting for my bestfriend actually.” He answered back.

Oh, witty. But I was not impressed yet. So I twisted the mood.

Clever.. haha.. Frapuccino..? hhmmm too bad for skinny like you. It’s too acidic.“, I said. I wanted him to fall on me.

I know, thanks for the trivia but it’s not helpful at all, I’m Marcus.

Gotcha! I was thinking, in awhile he would get my number. I smiled back and I could feel that he’s like inlove with me I presumed. Haha. I resumed the game. I’d gone more impressive the second attack.

I cleared my throat once more and started the casual conversation.

Hey look at that boy. Let me guess, that student sitting near the door, hey come on look at him, you see that boy over there, he’s like cramming to finish his thesis and haha, he’ll not march on time. Watcha think?” I started.

What are you now, a fortune teller? haha, I’m not sure. I don’t even know him. We don’t know yet. And who knows, by the way, what’s the point, what’s your game?” He answered back.

Shit, he’s quick I needed to generate a point, and I said out of nowhere.

None, sometimes things happen pointlessly… and that’s the point.”

You have a point.” He said in low tone. It’s weird but I knew he was riding my game.

“Why are you here? In which specie of coffee addict I mentioned earlier do you belong.” I continued.

I’m waited. Hoping he would choose the third one.

“Broken hearted..” He replied.

I was on it. He’s like a type of gay who can’t put a divide between crush and love. Who likes every handsome men he sees, even for just the first time like this. I also have some gay friends and they easily fall in love twice as they eaily get hurt.

Nevermind. I was one step closer.

“Dare to talk about it?” I suggested.

He paused for awhile.

“No thanks. It’s over and there is no sense to talk about it. What for? To realize what could have been done?” He said in soft tone.

I had no reaction to be honest. To my understanding, there is no point to go glimpse back to sad things that happened. Partly true.

Minutes passed, and there’s this chick who entered the scene. And oh God, I felt a gushing heartbeat as I saw her. It’s strange. It’s like puppy love. I was not a believer of love at first sight but this lady was breaking the mode of my game. I felt excited to know her and I still had the guts to keep the conversation going.

“And why don’t you introduce me to your bestfriend?” I finally said.

“Yeah Claire this is Daniel, my new found friend and Daniel, this is Clare my long time bestfriend.” He said.

I could feel the hesitations though.

I was very sure that it was more than lust I felt to this girl. I looked at her with intention and I hoped she could read my mind. Nobody was talking for minutes except for the three pair of eyes on the table. I didn’t feel this way to Kara, or Mitch or even Belle who were the three women ever involved in what I call successful accidents. I felt as if Marcus was beginning to be precautious and God, my power wasn’t working with Claire, I couldn’t read her. She’s really different.

I looked at Clare. She had an amazing face. She looked beautiful in her red dress and flat shoes. Her lips were perfectly chiseled. Her every sip of coffee felt like I was being kissed.

It felt intense as I reached her hand.

Tik tak.

“So, are you guys acquaintance? I mean, do you like go here together and supposed to meet me or, are we even gonna talk about Pierre, or what. Are you ok?” Claire warried Marcus in a low tone voice. I heard it though.


And now, noboy’s talking. Age check. I am 27. She looks 24. How good that can be? We can build a brand new family. Then I can let Kyle be with us every Sunday. Then we will stroll at the park, buy ice cream for the kids. Then at night we will make love, share breaths and cuddle till dawn. The picture is almost complete.

I pulled my planner and filled the empty square of the second page. I also noticed her writing something on a piece of paper. Maybe she’s into me.


Oh hold on. I scrapped the notes, and write again.


Click here to open the Third Page. Claire; Angel of Hope


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