Letter no. 9 The Missing Angels Letrilogy

 “In a small battlefield where three lost angels fell, three strange feelings collided. In this 3-paged letter, find out what weapon is the sharpest to win a heart: Love, Wisdom or Hope. It’s up to you to decide.”

Dear Michael,

When I was four, my father gave me a necklace with a St. Gabriel pendant as my birthday present. He bought it from Taal church and I knew by its touch and texture that it was very expensive. I didn’t like it though probably because it’s not what I wanted really, like I was expecting a watergun or flying toy cars. It was a vintage gift. The bad thing was, I lost it one time when I turned seven. It wasn’t intentional to be honest. And I never cared. I can’t even remember how it got lost but its value just never stuck on me. It was never important to me as a child then and I just let it gone missing. It was just recently whenever I remember it, that I apreciate the gift so much. I realized that it’s value never fades. You know Michael, sometimes, we never know the importance of a thing until its gone. In life, we sometimes forget to cherish what we have and our ego gets eaten up by what we don’t have.

When I was in College, I once wrote an article about angels in my English 102 class. I learned that the word “Angels” biblically speaking, are characters who guide us in our everyday living. They are half human half birds if I may call it, cause they have a figure of human with wings taped at the back. They were once good disciples of God and some of them later on changed to bad after getting eaten up by their ego. We were told when we were young that everyone of us has two angels, the good and the bad. They follow our every move and dictate our every action. They say that somehow somewhere, we’ll meet them in the future or we have probably met them in the past. I used to believe that they do exist, in a human form, and they are my friends, your friends, our friends whom we mingle everyday, whom we give our trust and who help us in times of adversity.

This is a story about angels, my three friends who were lost in nothingness; three of my closest friends who failed to give, failed to love and failed to love back. They may consider their weakness as failure but I consider them as reality. And I got inspired by their love triangle story which had a surprising twist in the end.

Marcus, 24, is a gay friend, both literally and biologically. He once dreamt of being a fashion photographer but later turned out to be model after some younglife crisis struck him in his twenties. He got out of the closet when we were fourth year college and apparently got interested not in fashion photography, but just in fashion.

Claire, 23, is a sales asset of a multi million residence and property group of companies. She’s also a witer like me as her sideline job. She has a twisted tongue that makes plenty of commissions. She can in fact buy me in all types of currencies. But she’ll never do that. A very good friend indeed. She has a shouting pocket, on the other hand, a silent heart. One thing that her money and heart have in common- they are untouchable.

Daniel, 27, is a father of two. He has that certain charisma and angelic physique every girls are dying for. The last time I checked, he’s still in a rollercoaster three-ring circus ride: Engagement ring, Wedding ring and Suffering. He works for TGIF as a bartender, who throws bottles in the air and mixes alcohol to its perfect taste. Just as how fast he juggles bottles and glass, is he that fast to juggle three or four hearts at a time.

Witness how these three crossed their paths and finally battled to win one’s heart. This is more than a tri-angled love story but a fight-to-finish game of love where one third of the lovers is presumed to lose. Possessing their greatest weapon, each of them justified how influential can love be, how far can hope go and how wisdom manipulates feelings.

For your better understanding Michael, based on how I know them personally, I will share their story in a first person point of view. Again, just to clarify things out, this does not relate exactly and precisely how they think of the situation but rather how I think they were thinking the day they battle to win. Just when you think a love triangle is a competition, it’s more than that. It’s rather complication. Open the first page and find out how a sudden twist of fate gave a different meaning to love and love triangle.

Click here to open the first Page. Marcus Angel of Love

Click here to open the second Page. Daniel: Angel of Wisdom

Click here to open the Third Page. Claire; Angel of Hope

“How do you win a heart?”

If you got the message and are Michael enough to break the question mark, then share your thoughts of the above letter and be featured as the next response letter. Just send your letters tolettersformike2012@gmail.com and be yourself read by others who have probably got the same thoughts.

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Song titled: “You’ve got a way” sung by Aaron Kelly
Photo lifted from:

http://foobarph.wordpress.com/2009/12/27/angel-brought-me-here/= angel of hope
http://dark.pozadia.org/wallpaper/White-Anime-Angel/= angel of wisdom


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  1. Jerry Anne Santos

    A very nice piece that moved me and made think that one set up can create three different story version. The format used was effective. =)

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