3peat…A Message from a Proud

Another year of victory for UP Pep Squad as they bagged three awards in this year’s Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Competition: Stunner award- Nicolette Erika Ambulo,Group Stunts Champion and the UAAP 2012 CDC Champion. I didn’t have an opportunity to watch it live in MOA Arena. I got home 6:00AM today from my shift the previous night, slept for about an hour or three, turned on the alarm, and tuned in by 2:00PM to Studio 23 to watch the live streaming. It was indeed a very clean, powerful and death defying performance from them. Credits to all the squads who obviously elevated from last year’s performances specially to FEU Cheering Squad in their jungle-inspired routine which made it consistent to top 3. NU made it this time to third place with their outstanding Disney theme. I was actually fascinated by how they step up this year. And to my Alma Matter, my home, CONGRATULATIONS UP PEP SQUAD.

Of all the performances this afternoon, I must say that UP had the most meaningful theme as they danced and stood up in their bald heads. It has something to say about gender equality as opposed to kiddie-inspired themes which made my blood rushed. I may not be part of the squad, but I am truly happy to be a UP alumnus. As far as the history of CDC concerns, they have 8 wins which tied up to UST Salinggawi Dance troupe who still has the same number of victory. Again Congratulations, UP Pep Squad. Below is their historic mark and below the vid is the overall rankings.

Video Courtesy of  http://www.abs-cbnnews.com

8. UE Pep Squad– With their almost maroon-colored costume and their white-dyed hair, they looked like the UP pep last year. Immortality doesn’t necessarily mean blonde hair I guess. The performance was just okay, so-so. I must say a little bit safe and pyramids are not well-executed. To quote my friend: “High school level”

7. Adamson Pep Squad- What can I say, the music didn’t give much rush. And the synchronization isn’t executed well. I can’t remember any. Their white costume though is great. No wow-factor was shown sorry.

6. Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion– I seriously thought they would make it to at least top 4. It was a great performance in their Voltes Five theme, which I initially thought as a power ranger. Not a comeback performance. As usual, they were great in floor routines and I still heard the whistle soaring sound effect in every tosses.

5. DLSU Animo Squad- It was a great boxing-themed routine. I predicted them to be in the top 3- third place for the very least. Their costume was so far the best for me as always. Tosses were high and it was very energetic. P.S there were a lotta cute guys in this squad. Take a closer look.

4. UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe- They promised to take me to Brazil before their performance, but they took me to Baguio City Panagbenga Festival instead after. More ballet steps was seen. Colorful costumes added the synchronization. Some failed landings and not-so-stable lifts. =(

3. NU Pep Squad- Deserving I must say. They didn’t just improve, they growling climbed on top. Surprising performance, nice lifts and new routines. Disney inspired theme didn’t make any impact. To quote my friend “Minsan makatumbling na lang, masabi lang.” =) peace. But I liked it.

2. FEU Cheering Squad- Wow! as in wow!, not just a threat, but a total nerve wracking performance. Flawless and energetic. Strong lifts and tosses. They still showed their signature splits somewhere in the middle. The music was perfect and well suit in their jungle theme. There was no awkward moment. Double split transition toss was new to my eye, and P.S I liked the costume tearing part- Intense.

1. UP Pep Squad- OUTSTANDING. Much has been said. I’m gonna go ahead to the salon to shave my hair done and get that heckle. Heck.! =) I saw freedom. I felt gender equality. I felt socially significant. I saw performance. On top of them all.


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