Letter no. 11: Who’s to Blame?

What if one day you wake up and find out that you are a tree? A tree standing alone on the roadside with leaves falling one by one? In this short letter, find out how life feels like on being a tree, and in the end, the letter would require you to think twice.  When a leaf fell to the ground, who is to be blamed?


As I walked along the busy street of Tomas Morato going to work early this evening, I noticed a tree standing in a far corner just right across a road intersection. The solitude of the scene caught my interest and let me stand watching it for a while. The tree could barely stand with only a few leaves left on its branches. Its roots nailed a little bit above the ground were dying helplessly. It’s body was turning dark brown. It had nothing but a few criscrossed branches, no busy birds, no flowers, no canopy, just an aging bald body standing alone. From the way it looked, a gust of a wind could break its knees I presumed. A sudden thought came to my head.

You know Michael, trees are like human. They both undergo series of phases. It would all start from a powerful seed- a seed of life. That same seed is planted on the ground the way a man’s cell is planted on the womb. A seedling needs nutrients to grow the way a toddler needs milk to sustain life. A small plant is honed by water and sunlight, the same way that a child needs it to develop. A tree grows with the same length of year a man grows physically. A tree sheds blossom the way a man turns teenager. A tree bears fruits the same way a man labors a baby. A fruit has seeds that can multiply to another generation the same way a baby goes on to the same cycle. A tree attracts other creature like birds, worms, insects the same way a man makes friends and socialize. A tree needs these creatures to live and nourish the same way that no human is an island. A tree grows old and ages by years the same way humans get sick and get bedridden. Sometimes, a tree is murdered and cut the same way a human is killed, both of which are crimes committed. And sometimes, a tree dies…alone, the same way that a man dies alone. And a tree’s body would turn into ashes the same way a man’s body would decay.

A tree has branches and leaves the same way that a man has a family, a home to live by. Isn’t it amazing how a tree becomes a metaphor of life? It just reminds us that every creation on earth is not only put by its function but sometimes by it’s meaning. Everything that we see is not only a manifestation of roles but also medium of definition.

And as I stepped into some of the fallen leaves on the ground. A question came to my mind. Who is to be blamed when a leaf fell onto the ground. Is it the wind that blew it away? Is it the tree that let it go? Is it the time that didn’t promise eternity? Is it the autumn who designed its fate? Or is it the leaf itself which lost grip and could no longer hold on?

Think as a tree, and tell me what do you think? I will wait for your answer.



If you got the message and are Michael enough to break the question mark, then share your thoughts of the above letter and be featured as the next response letter. Just send your letters to lettersformike2012@gmail.com and be yourself read by others who have probably got the same thoughts.

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  1. wow…this is a good composition.

  2. No one has to be blamed, it is the circle of life…one is born, one lives, one ages, one dies, one is born….Life has a beauty all its own, in all of its phases. No harm has been committed, so no guilt is incurred so no blame need be assigned.

    • very well said. Thank you for reading and taking time to reflect. So with how you see it, it’s no one’s fault, meaning it’s the fate which designed its doom. =)

      • I rather believe that we are guided by fate, but we do have a limited amount of freedom of choice within the boundaries laid down by fate, like choosing what lane to drive in on the highway.

        Thank you for providing me with such fascinating food for thought. Please continue your writings, Coco, I expect my thoughts and preconceptions to continue to be challenged by your brilliant prose.

      • Chrismar Santos

        I think it’s really the fate. It’s the leaf’s time already. =)

  3. This is a very brilliant thought. I have wondered of the same story at some point in my life. So I believe it’s the fate that designed its doom. =)

  4. Why does it have to be “doom” at all ???? Why cannot it just be the cycle of life – another form of life reincarnating itself ???? That rooted tree – like us all – knows not what is at the end of this lifes journey or journeys. Perhaps that leafs journey into presumed death – is really that leafs begining into yet another journey. I will not presume to have that answer. Not for the tree, not for the leaf – and not for myself or anyone else.

  5. Coco, This letter is beautifully,written..Thanks for sharing.

  6. It’s not all about “the man,” sir. Yes, there is the need of your seed.

    But, you know, it takes a million little sperm in one stupid ejaculation, most of which die, for just ONE to unite with the single cell of the ovum.

    And, ultimately, it is only the body of WOMAN that can transform two small seeds, over nine months, into the complex form of a living, breathing human being. Guys cannot do that. Never have, never will.

    Sorry, but sperm are nothing more than mindless, wiggling transporters of genetic information that must submit to the transformational powers of the woman’s body to become anything worthy of life.

    A little humbleness and humility on the part of males would be a very, very good quality to cultivate dear sirs.

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