Letter no. 15: Ivan Speaks

by Tracy Willis (A Response to Letter no. 14- Etxraordinary Measure

Tracy Willis, 43, is a mother, a wife and a friend with a gentle spirit and a curious mind who is fighting cancer disease right now. She lives near Tenbury Wells in England. Her blog can be found here: http://fecthis.wordpress.com/

Dear Coco,

Thank you for taking in me in, providing me sustenance and money so that we may live another day. My mother is sick and we have nothing and no-one except each other. I am here on the street because she cannot be. If I fail to reach out, to appeal to your heart and your humanity there is no future for us.

My mother did not expect for me to be born this way and I did not ask to be to be cut off from you and the rest of the world. I cannot hear you or answer your questions. Without a voice how can I appeal to you?  Without words how can I tell you that I have not eaten for three days and my mother is now very sick.  I do not share the language you share with your friends, family and loved ones – you can chatter and gossip, shout and whisper. You can sing songs of love, hope and joy.  I can do none of these things.

Many look upon me as a wretched street kid. Because I cannot pester them and use my voice to beg they think I have no need. Or worse, they think I have given up. I am needy, I have not given up, I cannot afford to give up for me or my mothers sake.

So how do I appeal to you, to your compassion and kindness so that you will spare me money or food (I do not mind which, I am in need of both). If you will look at me, see beyond my torn clothing and dusty skin, you will see I am a child. Once you were a child, innocent, helpless, pure. If you will look into my eyes, you will see I remind you of that child who needed to be cared for, nurtured and loved. I need those things too but I cannot ask with my voice so I ask you with my eyes.  Look into my eyes again and hold my gaze, you will see my soul reaching out to you, seeking a connection that only humanity can provide.

Thank you for sharing your humanity, thank you for connecting with me when I am often so alone. Your kindness keeps me living but more than that it touched my soul.  I cannot sing by using your language, I have no voice. But today you made my soul sing. I hope when I am on the street tomorrow some other stranger will see beyond my ragged clothes so that I may connect with them and touch another soul.

Love Michael

Tracy Willis, 43, is a mother, a wife and a friend with a gentle spirit and a curious mind who is fighting cancer disease right now. She lives near Tenbury Wells in England. Her blog can be found her http://fecthis.wordpress.com/

To Tracy,

Thank you for being Michael to me. Sharing this heartwarming message to me as Ivan only means you don’t have much of a difference. I felt deep within how Ivan fought for hunger and pover the way you are fighting against cancer. I felt Ivan’s dedication to God and love to his mother despite being mute and deaf the same way you embrace life and what it has to offer despite your sickness. My prayers are for both of you. Thank you.

Love, Coco


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  1. Hi Coco, I love the message of this blog and the format. It’s very unique and moving.
    And to you Tracy Willis, continue fighting cancer. You are blessed for having a great heart and mind. Gdbless

  2. The Wehl of life.

    I wish nothing but all the strength for Tracy Willis beyond her imagination.

  3. Reblogged this on FEC-THis and commented:
    Reblogged from Letters for Michael (http://wp.me/P1vp7U-1U). Coco authors this blog and it caught my attention. Coco encourages others to engage with his idea.

    “In the beginning, a man is born in the mind: a figure without a soul. As time races and the heart ages, each day moments are remembered, thoughts are collected, letters are sent and eventually unfolded. In the end though, some questions are still left unanswered.”

    Coco writes that this series of letters are about daily thoughts, life, love, and lots of it. The letters are about random ideas and encounters that may be real or fiction.
    “His name is Michael, the man who the letters are for. Michael is a friend… an imaginary friend. You can be Michael.”

    To be Michael you simply reply the most recent letter posted on Coco’s blog. Yesterday he kindly posted a letter I wrote when I decided to put myself in Michael’s shoes last week.

    why not give it a go and be Michael someday?

  4. Thanks for posting this. I have read Tracys blog and she is an inspiration. One day I will write to Michael too.

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