Letter no. 16: The Beautiful Soul

by Lakshmi Raman (The Second Response to Letter no. 14- Etxraordinary Measure                                                                                                               

Lakshmi Raman, 21, is in the process of becoming a life coach. She believes that only love is real, the rest is but an illusion. She loves to spend time with people, get to know them and in between conversations, she notices we all have so much in common and are bonded by love. Her blog can be found here: http://girlinthewildworld.com/

Dear Coco,

I smile today with joy and love in my heart. You lived and described pure love. You know many people have the misconception that pure love needs to be with someone we already know. But love has no form and pure love exists even between strangers. I had tears as I read your letter. Because I felt the love you showed that child. Your letter came to me during the perfect time.

It’s Thanksgiving here and what better way to celebrate this beautiful festival. Giving and being grateful for the life that the divine bestowed us with is one of the most beautiful ways you serve the lord. Only Love Is Real and today you lived these words. I love you Coco. You are a beautiful soul.

Your Michael

**The photo above was lifted from Lakshmi’s blog. Her page can be found here: http://girlinthewildworld.com/**

To Lakshmi,

Thank you for having the time of sharing your story from the other side of the world. I have never heard of such a profession as a life coach until now and may the souls of those you coach reach the right lane. Godbless you and thank you for being Michael.

Lovelots, Coco


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