Letter no. 19: The Day The Kite Flew and Never Came Back

***”To Reema, Lubhang napakaikli ng pag-ibig, subalit napakahaba ng paglimot…”***

tears-1Just when you know that sleep is the only way to escape the pain, you are wrong. Cause even in your sweetest dreams lie the truth. People fly so fast, yet time passes so slow, and some memories remain unburried. Meet Reema and find out how she  handles the pain of forgetting.

Dear Michael,

She wakes up everyday with the sound of “Only Time”, a music by Enya that plays on the digital alarm. The lyrical part is so nostalgic giving her a headache. Whenever she hears it, her soul would be rushed awaken. She would hug her human-sized pillow tightly pretending to be still half-asleep. She would open her eyes for a moment and feel the soft touch of morning breeze. After sometime, she would cuddle her pillow, toss and turn, as the music plays on the background. She would often smile but some uncontrolled tears would fall down after. As she lies down in bed, she would count the days that have passed. Her eyes have befriended the ceiling for quite some months now. And she would go back to sleep for awhile. The second time she wakes up, it’s too late. The sun is up, usually 9:00 in the morning, but she’s not bothered. She would drag herself to the shower with eyes quarterly closed and a heavy heart, and the rest is history.

He wakes up everyday with the sound of “only time” in his mind, a music by Enya that he used to sing for her. For the very least he doesn’t sleep at all. The lyrical part is so nostalgic letting him remember the past. He used to sing it with her in the park, the day they promised to be together. He sang it on their first anniversary, they danced closed together to the rhythm of that sound on their first date, and he will forever sing it for her. He loves her very much the same way that she does. He loves her and no words can express how much he means it.

Who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time
And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose, only time

Reema was nineteen when she met Jesse. She was a regular postgraduate student at University of the Philippines. She met him in the library one summer of 2009. While browsing history books, her eyes met his on the other side of the shelf. And from that moment, she knew there’s something to look forward to. She was a typical simple girl who has a school-home-school routine.

Jesse couldn’t take his eyes away from her since that summer of 2009. He made the first move to start a conversation with Reema. At first, she seemed elusive, afraid, but since he expressed a good intention, he got her trust. Eventually they became good friends. He was a college heartthrob for that matter, the type of guy every cheerleader at school would die to have. Despite his killer smile and chickboy aura, he was a good boy, a momma’s favourite, achiever, almost perfect.

Who can say why your heart sighs
As your love flies, only time
And who can say why your heart cries
When your love lies, only time.

She accepted the friendship even if she knew they have so much difference and even their lifestyles were opposites. Possibly, that’s the key why it worked more than she could imagine. She would see him after school, everyday, at the back of the library. They would lie down on the grass and watch some children flying kites and balloons. It was the time of the year when her routine changed; it became school, library, and then home. And all of the sudden, her priorities changed. Her heart opened up to some possibilities and her confidence boosted. She became a changed girl. She didn’t almost notice but she knew to herself that she was just inspired to do things she couldn’t do before he happened. 2009 ended and there were so much joy in her heart.

He accepted the friendship even if he knew they have so much difference and even their lifestyles were opposites. He would fetch him after school, almost everyday, and they would see each other at the back of the library. He liked to see children flying kites and balloons. He had the most childish laugh of all, which was cute. It was the time of the year when his routine changed: it became school, library then home. And all of the sudden, he put her on top of his priority, his heart opened up to some possibilities of more than friendship, he felt in love and loved. He was so inspired that his directions in life converged. He became a changed man. He knew she was not just a friend. 2009 ended and there were so much joy in his heart.

Who can say when the roads meet
That love might be in your heart
And who can say when the day sleeps
If the night keeps all your heart
Night keeps all your heart

They romantically tied as sweethearts summer of 2010. He was his first boyfriend and she was his second, except for his mom. They were happy, very happy. The back of the library was their rendezvous. They couldn’t live a day without each other.

One day she asked, “how much do you love me?” and he answered, “Just as how the rain pours, if those drops that you’ve caught on your barehand means how much you love me, those drops that you haven’t caught signifies how much I love you. That just means I love you more than you ever know and I can only say it, i’m sorry I cannot weigh it. It’s destiny probably. I don’t know, but you meet thousands of people and none of them matters, and one day you meet someone, and its like your life changed forever, and you changed me.”  Those sweet words melt her for a second and she realized, love is indeed true, it’s the most unexplainable feeling of all and she couldn’t help but seize the moment. She grabbed his hand and kissed him in the lips… the sweetest, a never ending kiss.

Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose
Only time
And who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time

Just as how quick everything happened, in just a snap, everything ended too. It was may 2011, on their first anniversary, they had a dinner date, candle light, red roses, sweet scents, some steak and lots of laughters, a celebration she would never forget. It was 8:00 in the evening; he even sang her favourite song “only time” as he bent down on his knees to beg for her infinite love. She just cried in response and they hugged as if no one could ever take them apart. They danced together and she almost fell asleep on his shoulders. She dreamt of him as they dance, he loved her as they dance. And together they watched fireworks at the sky as they glittered while they promised to not leave each other behind, no matter what, not until forever is over. It was the happiest moment of her life… And I was there.

I was there on the same restaurant where they celebrated their first anniversary. I was alone eating dinner after a meeting with some of my colleague. I was on the far corner as I envied their sweetness. I witnessed how in love they were. I saw how they smile and cherish that sweet moment. I wished as they did under the shimmering fireworks. I was there. I witnessed it all.

It was 10:00 in the evening. I was about to go home, the resto was closing, on my way downstairs, I saw them leaving the place too. They were very sweet. They even kissed on the sidewalk for a moment while waiting for a cab. I was next in line. After sometime, a cab stopped by, Reema, stepped inside the cab while Jesse was left outside, they smiled at each other, gestured a flying kiss and finally bid goodbye. His way was on the other side of the street. It was parting time for them. The car’s engine started, and Jesse was left there outside, waiting for the cab to leave before he crossed the other side. And I was there next in line. Finally, the cab left. In a not so distant second, as Reema left, and I was about to step into the next cab, and just as Jesse was about to cross the street, a sudden swift light flashed before his eyes and before he could knew it, a speedy car had bumped into him. His body rolled past side of the street followed by people screaming and panicking from nowhere. I saw it. I swear to god. The tranquillity of the night would never expect a car from behind. It was a total terror for me seeing a bloody body leaving life in just a snap. I was shocked for what I’d seen. Blood rushed out of his body and I saw his face on the brink of death. I saw Reema from a far struggling out of the cab as she ran towards the dying body of Jesse to the sound of the police car’s siren. It pained me a lot to see a happy love story with a sad ending. And so I approached them, with my heart grieving, I stayed beside them as we tried to bring Jesse’s pulse back, someone was shouting for help, everyone’s in a rush. Everything was so fast; so fast, like I couldn’t hold back too. It was a hit and run. Something I didn’t understand. Before we left the street going to the hospital, I noticed something flashed before my very eyes that caught my attention. As i picked it up, it was a ring, a silver ring. Engraved inside is a message: “A toast to forever: Reema and Jesse”. And without a word, I followed to the hospital. I stayed beside Reema as she saw Jesse dying.lonely 2 blog an

And that’s how Jesse died. Imagine how short a person’s life can be. One time they were happy and all of the sudden, he’s dead. I couldn’t imagine how fate can be so brutal and how love can be so elusive.

I didn’t even know them Michael, they were not even an acquaintance to me. It just so happened that no one was around to help them on that moment of truth. And probably god put me in there to make me realize how short life is. On the day Jesse was buried. I saw her tied a message to the balloon before it flew high above. I don’t have a word to describe how sad Reema was and how painful her heart was. It was a turning point for her to realize that she couldn’t make it through. She really couldn’t.

She told me their love story and how they met, and that’s how Reema and I became friends. I was there when she grieved. I’ve been there when she blames god. I fed her when she had no time to eat. I cried out loud with her and laughed out of nothing. I’ve been there to pick up the broken glasses when she loses control. I’ve always been there when she goes to the back of the library to reminisce and talk to the kites up in the sky. Most of the past days were dull moments. It has never been up. And I may know how it feels, I couldn’t help but just be by her side until she heals.

It’s been a year and some months now, but I know deep in her heart, she still misses him and no other love could replace the best thing that ever happened to her. I sometimes see her sob whenever she hears the song “Only Time”.

You know Michael, it’s indeed true that only time knows where the road goes and where it will lead us humans. Life is short and love is even shorter. Love is not always a bunch of smiles, sometimes, it’s the saddest truth and the worst nightmare a man can ever face. So until there’s air to breathe, let’s appreciate what we have and open our eyes and arms to new possibilities and new people. Our life is like a kite, for once we lose grip, it will fly to nothingness and the worst part is having known it will never come back. To Jesse, I know you are watching there up high and i will look after Reema, my friend, may you rest in peace. To Reema, time heals all wounds, in god’s time, your pain will soon be replaced by lots of happiness and love, my condolences and love are yours.

Lovelots, Coco

***This letter is dedicated in memory of a friend Jesse, who was hit by a car and died one night of 2010 after celebrating one fruitful year of relationship. His loving girlfriend, Reema will always be taken care. To all who are still living and loving, may God’s guidance be with you always. This One is for you.’***

Photos were lifted from: iamkhristine.blogspot.com

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  1. It’s beautiful & touching. I just pray that it really didn’t and doesn’t happen to anyone.

  2. Very powerful. This is an incredibly romantic and horribly tragic story. Thank you for sharing. You should be proud for having the courage to help a complete stranger in such a crucial time of need, and for continuing to stick by them. An evocative and incredibly powerful read.

  3. Thank you so much for reading. I was with her lately. We ate some sundaes and doughnuts right before I posted this letter. Live, love and spread happiness..

  4. Yet time is a dimension, not merely a tick of the clock. I believe so that love transcends all that. More so, isn’t death an extension of life and existence, rather than its end?

    This is a letter that should wake our hunger to live and love, assuming it’s authentic.

    Btw, it reminds me of the song Black Balloon from Goo Goo Dolls – “I’ll go on as you get colder…. I become what you became to me.”

    Write more, I shall read more. 🙂 Many thanks for a time well spent for a read,

    Vivien Marie Lopez
    Spit Or Swallow

    • Hi Vivien,

      Thank you for taking time reading. The story is indeed authentic. =) I appreciate you dropping by. Live, love and spread happiness. I haven’t heard of Black Balloon but I’ll try to check it out hehehehe.


  5. This is a very touching but sad story. If only life is infinite, both of them could have been happy ever after. I sometimes wonder too how a perfect couple like them will be tested by death. =(

  6. Hi Coco, I nominated you for an award http://wp.me/2MIsj

  7. thanks for visiting – The Chemistry Guy

  8. very tragic 😦 but nicely written.

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