Letter no. 20: The Last Duet

love-birdsDear Michael,

The following poem was created by a friend, Cris, who sees happiness by being a pet lover, in this case, a lovebirds who had both flown to death for unknown reason. My condolences for the lost treasure.

I fell inlove the first time we met
as i encountered a duet.
Tell me, what more can I get?

The love grew more with that very moment.
You sang your first song for me.
And I listened very carefully.

You came at the right time when I needed the most
Telling me, “worry no more, we will sing for you to the utmost”
My eyes grew big with amazement
As you stretched your wings and sang

Days passed as we smiled at each other
Hoping that this relationship would last forever
We both knew that time will come
Thinking selfishly, I wished it won’t come.

I went away for awile, without even saying goodbye
because I know you’ll be waiting.
I came home, excited to hear your welcoming songs
but only saw loneliness in the eyes… the other one died.

I embraced you, so tight, said sorry, then cried.
You looked me in the eye, telling me it’s allright-
as you sang your very first solo that night.

The next morning came with sorrow
as you and I greeted each other.
You sang your morning song, solo
and entitled it, y.o.l.o.

The evening came as I woke up
ran to where the screamings are coming from
knowing myself this day would come
as I saw you lying helplessly on the ground

Confused, I held and looked at you, don’t know what to do
watching you breathe, saying, oh please not like this.
The remaining minutes felt like forever.
All I wanted is that we can be together

By the time I was about to say “I’m sorry”,
you opened your eyes-
telling me again “it’s allright”
I know it’s near, the time that we’d part
but you still gathered strength with all your heart,
for your last song.

You spread your wings, preparing
stood up, head high
you stared at me as you started to sing
a solo with no voice, no melody, nothing at all.

I cried, and said thank you.
thanked you for the memories that we had.
I told you that your duet is the best duet I had ever heard
and your solo is the best of all, especially your last song: the duet

I treasured that very moment, engraved it to my mind
I said “thank you” for the last time
as the music faded then died.

Lovelots, Coco

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  1. This is a very nice post. I like the way it was written. I also have great fascination on birds. 🙂

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