Letter no 22: My other side

Dear Michael,

Let me start by saying I am the type of person who collects memories in a form of pictures, letters, scrapbooks, notes and other sort of memorabilia. They say that people who collect remnants of the past are hardly emotional, which I must say is partly true. On one hand, t’s not just the emotion we are weaving inside, but just to show how important every moments are.

After quite some time, I realized that my camera has been so occupied by random pictures of my daily encounter, and I don’t really know what purposes are photographs developed for, apart from serving as a memory per se. Therefore, I am sharing to you some sort of photoblog which I just created a while ago containing some shots to behold, random freezes, moments of my content and lots of it.

The photo on screen is one of the covers I made on that blog. You can access the website by copying the URL below or by simply just clicking it.


For every moment captured is a gift, let me count the ways. Enjoy.


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