Letter no. 23: Birthday Bash

I’ve always thought that birthday cakes and balloons are just kid’s stuffs. If so then, I therefore proclaim that at 25, I am a KID, a hilarious kid living life to its blast.

coverDear Michael,

February 22nd marked my 25th birthday. I just got silver. Imagine how swift years had gone by. In just a snap I am 25, and the world is still crumbled in me. At 25, my feet is still nailed on earth and flying means walking from one distance to another.

Birthday wish has always been the cream of every birthday, a piece of candy when I was 3, a toy car or water gun when I was 5, some coloring books when I was 6, a pair of shoes when I was 8, the cheapest cellphone when I turned highschool, some money or gift card when I turned 18: and now that I am 25, knowing how valuable money is, I shifted into something even bigger but not as costy as an authenticated transformer robot. I am talking about self renewal, sense of direction and an idea of parring a goal before early thirties, well apart from good health which is everybody’s wish.

Balloons and party poppers are not only kid’s stuffs. At 12:00AM of February 22, Thursday night, I got surprised by some heart balloons embossed by messages from my officemates and mixed-colored confetti drizzled like when I was seven. I also got some gifts (Tee shirt an scarf I surely liked) from my circle of friends. My station got messsed by colors, but I was so happy with the mess. It just showed how many people love me as much as I love them. I also got a video cd containing jokes from my friends in the office. Such a sweet folks. Love them.

I got surprise visits from some of my missed closed friends too. Joy Camille and Reanne, to mention, are my batchmates when I entered UP SIBOL, a socio civic organization I joined when I was in college; KT, is my best friend I met in college, she is the girl side of me; Madel, Marianne, Mei, Karyl and Eivah are my housemates who have been loyal friends of mine too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Food is the bottomline of every birthday. So I treated my officemates with breakfast buffet @ Finio’s restaurant, Feb 23, to return the love. I brought some doughnuts, my comfort food, for everyone to taste and see how doughnuts can mend a heart and ease stress. :). And I ordered some pancit Malabon, chicken lollipop, Shanghai and pichi-pichi to serve as our dinner at home with my housemates and visitors. Yumyum.

And now that I am on the edge of early adulthood, as my path gets lighter, I will continue to explore the world, take chances, embrace life and travel places for a life worth living. Thanks to my friends, family and acquaintances who have been part of my 25 years.

The journey continues…

Here are some postcards I got for you Mike during my 3-day-long celeb:

with joy and eivah






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  2. who is Mike by the way?

  3. Your birthday is close to mine =] I hope it went great and something good yet unexpected happened!

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