Letter no. 27: The Unknown Battles

“You sure you’re wise enough to vote now?

2013 election is fast coming up. We have been hearing so much dramas and point of views here and there in all forms of media: be it internet, radio or television. Lies, truth and questions suround us. Of all the mixed chaos and good news we have been seeing, several questions criscrossed before my mind: are we changed enough to vote wisely? How do we measure wise voting in the first place? How do we mean by wise?

There were total of 33 running candidates in the senate alone for this year, and only 12 asses will have their place to sit on throne. For sure by now you have plotted an A-listers in mind to be set on the senate table. So therefore I’m daring you for a quick recall. Let’s play a game. Bid how many can you name amongst the 33, and the rest we will call fillers. If you never missed one, then you can rest your case and consider yourself ready to vote. If you missed a single candidate in mind, then join me and meet direct to the point some of the not-so-famous entities occupying the bullets of senatoriables before our time runs out. We barely have three or four days to complete this level before we consider ourselves wise and before we ink our thumb as proof.

Call it Battle Royale, Hunger Games or Naked Weapon, they basically have the same rules- kill for the spot. And usually those who aren’t part of the protagonists die first. The main casts stay until the game ends. Politics wise, in the Philippine setting, those famous candidates are now the protagonists since they have been visible and loud for quite a long time. They have been very known for their advertisement on TV and some have even left us in last song syndrome as their strategy to be remembered, and oh not to mention their last names. They are the likes of Hontiveros, Magsaysay, Angarra, Aquino and Ejercito who may have good intentions but gained varied impressions.

Now let’s put on the spot the rest of the cast of this game that may have not probably rung any bell on you. These are the hopefuls who have not established any names in the politics that much. For knowing them might still change your mind. In the end, this piece would remind you whom you select as victors in nearly few days. Remember that knowing not just a part of population in a given space is essential in wise decision making.

The mechanics is simple. First, I’d like you to match the pictures in SET A to the descriptions in SET B. Second, recall if these names have ever crossed your list; and third, think if they ever have an edge to be part of the house.

Let’s begin. Happy hunting!




set b

After having known some background of the above faces, would you consider yourself a wise voter this time? How long did it take you to match the pictures to their names? Would you ever name them by just looking at their faces and not going to FILM B?

See, wise voting is when you begin to know first the people behind the list and treat them fairly according to how they fit in the position. Wise voting is when you compare and analyze what this candidate can do and cannot do at the least of his or her extent. Reach for them by all means if they can’t reach you. Voice out your concern if you can’t hear them. It’s depending on their capability to serve as you think they can rather than their capability to talk.  Wise vote depends on informed decision and wise voters never entertain information spoonfeeding. These are only seven of the 33. And I hope in the coming election, you’d get to know the rest and look closer at those whose face are already programmed in your mind.

…And P.S Nancy Binay might appear to be an obvious clue on the game. The thing is, I couldn’t hear her speak out her advocacy so I included her on the list thinking you might have otherwise agreed on the same thing. I personally think she is sailing on the wrong sea using her father’s boat.

Wisely Yours,



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  1. Nancy Binay is sailing on the wrong sea. 🙂 Super

  2. Mary Palmer Gosh

    Oh plee Nancy give me a break. I don’t freaking like the way you leap. We don’t need a mother in the Senate. Just switch to applying to the orphanage might as well.

  3. I don’t even know these candidates exist. Hehe and I think I wouldn’t even bother look at their credentials for the sake of informed decision cause yeah I have a list in mind na- unfortunately, I don’t see the spirit in Nancy. She may say I’m just one vote, but at the end of the day, she’s just one candidate.

  4. hey xx
    Here’s an award for you! 🙂
    Have a good day!

    With loves, CW

  5. Hello. Great post and pic.
    See this too:http://limseeyee.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/%E2%99%A5inspiration-of-the-day%E2%99%A5-2/

    Or following me…=)

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