Letter no 33: Mikel meets Michael

I don’t know if it’s destiny. It all started in Coffee Bean, in a mug of cappuccino. There I met Mikel, the love of my life. This is my 33rd letter, on our 15th day, and I find myself writing, with a smile, for the first time. 

Dear Michael,

Meet Mikel.

Uhm, he’s the one. yep I must say.

The love of my life.

Met him in Coffee Bean, on a Monday while everyone was rushing to work. It’s our day 15th and I just wanna share the lessons I learned, moments I lived and things I treasured about us. These are the things that completed me as a person when I met him.

day 15

*You never let trust as an issue when committed, instead a fuel to go on.

*You meet half way. I would pull down his superiority and he would lift up my inferiority.

*Be wise in decoding text messages. Remember that SMS portray no nuance and gestures. Never talk about serious things in text messages, better phone calls or person to person.

*Learn how to slow down, and not too excited about love and it’s surprises.

*Embrace the good thing about him and correct the bad ones in a correct manner and way.

*Love should be selfless so don’t count the gifts, blessings or money, instead, count the moments.

*Deal with misunderstanding by talking in low tone and forget it behind when it’s all solved.

*Do not aggravate an issue with another issue, that could worsen the situation.

*When you feel like clashing, control your temper by thinking of the first day you met each other.

*Do crazy stuffs cause it would serve as memories for you to hold back.

*Don’t count the days, Count the ways instead.

*Say I love you in Nihonggo, laugh out loud, scream out loud.

*Hold each other’s hands when sleeping, and you will dream of him.

*Introduce to friends, as they are like witnesses which could somehow help build the relationship stronger.

*Let love be a priority in the heart, not lust, not hate, not arguments. No relationship is perfect, but these imperfections make a relationship perfect.

*Talk about serious things, in that way you would know his other sides.

*Don’t let the past devour the relationship. In short don’t get jealous with his ex, those became part of who he is now and without them, you’ll never meet. Talking about the past is just normal.

*Do not be a headache. Don’t ask unecessary questions that can sound so doubtful.

* Curiosity is far more different than doubt. You ask questions because you don’t know, not because you already know and you have second thoughts about it.

*Earn his trust, do not impose it.

*Cry when needed, be open. Hold his hand and see his eyes when explaining things.

*Say “I love you” always, say it with a smile, not just as expression to end a session.

*Obey with his needs, support his work and bring out the best in him.

*Do not wish for happiness, make one. Why would you frown when there is an option to be happy.

*”Sorry” is a big word that can change the gust of emotion. It helps mend.

*Listen to love songs together. It adds up flavor and “kilig” to the relationship.

*Love isn’t all about emotions but also logic. You can’t just love because you feel it, you also love because you need it

*Do not let others get in the way when solving a misunderstanding. Do not involve them, just the two of you as much as possible, neither twitter nor Facebook can help.




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  1. I like the new look Mister 20 minute grooming one. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by again. “*Do not wish for happiness, make one. Why would you frown when there is an option to be happy.” – Ditto!

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