Letter no. 35: The Fooler and the Foolish

Playing_the_Game_of_Love_by_sassionArjo is a Foolish, an emotional creature who collects jar of memories. Brent is a Fooler, a selfish creature who collects jar of hearts. They crossed ways, fell in love and separated eventually. In this thread, we see love as a game of fools- one trying to win the other’s heart and one trying to win his own battle.Dear Michael,

This isn’t your ordinary love letter. This is just a piece of question for you to pop. Is there any chance Arjo and Brent can ever be back as lovers? Here’s the catch.

Arjo uses emotion to love. He believes in love in the making; that all the love in the world starts with getting to know the other person and drawing out the best in it, that keeping friendship at first could serve as greater foundation for a strong relationship.

Brent uses chances. He believes in love at first sight. At least he calls it love. Forgive him. He believes that happiness is rare to find and that he has to grasp it the moment it comes. He doesn’t believe in waiting, in getting to know the other person. He believes that love like life is an easy-come-and-easy-go.

Arjo put him in his priority, he collected memories of their content, sent gifts of appreciation and shared his love romantically.

Brent appreciated everything, defined his priority and shared his love logically.

Arjo believes in love and partnership.

Brent doesn’t define it as love, at the end of the day, biologically, people just need someone to be with.

Arjo believed in compromise, in openness and understanding Brent’s personality.

Brent believed in himself, that all odds can be resolved in his own way.

Arjo vents out through tears

Brent vents out through anger.

Arjo wants a legal relationship. He is open to his family and friends.

Brent wants a legal but a little bit private relationship. He is open as gay to his family and friends but he doesn’t want them to know any other else about it.

Arjo somehow realizes he was a foolish to know Brent but still drawing out the best of his times with Brent. He risked his beliefs and all he got is words gone with the wind.

Brent somehow realizes his fault, but chose to blame it with his personality rather than changing the whole situation upside down.

Arjo extended his string, loosened up a little bit and charged it all to come what may.

Brent fell out of happiness and started to see things as a responsibility.

Arjo believes indeed that partnership is a responsibility.

Brent sees relationship as a source of happiness and not as another burden to carry.

Arjo loved him, for what he was and what he was not. He embraced the goodness and handled the badness of him. He believed that imperfections make a relationship perfect. He loved him on their happiest times and he loved him more on their bluest times.

Brent needed him, for what he was and not necessarily for what he’s not. He believed in no perfection. He somehow loved him on the happiest times and he wouldn’t want to dwell on the saddest times.

Arjo gave up in the end, cut his strings and chose to consider it all as incompatibility.

Brent bid it goodbye without any bitterness in the heart.

Arjo was left wrecked.

Brent left damned.

No one is sorry. Arjo was never sorry for what happened, to him, Brent is not worth a tear. Brent was never sorry either, to him, Arjo just happened, he was happy and now he’s not.

What really matters in the end Michael? Who’s got the real score?

I will be waiting for your answers.




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