Letter no. 37: The Ex Types

FFFBreak ups can perhaps be the second most heartbreaking happening in our life next to death. And just like death, it is the same as losing people who have become part of us, not in a literal sense, but are like being detached from our system.

For some who have experienced break ups, you might agree that there is no perfect resolution in dealing with it. There even is no formula to ease the pain, but there is always a way to heal and get back to feet.

There are usually four types of brokenhearted people. Let’s meet them and see how they react to break ups.

I. THE FOOLISH– Foolish people revenge. They retaliate. They are immature. They usually aged 20 and below. They would threat back, sometimes attack behind your back to match the pain they are going through. For them, there is no such phrase as ‘past is past’, it’s rather “the end justifies the means”. They would seek so much attention by pleasing you or by spilling what you had with your friends. They would highlight your bad side to others especially to your close friends. They would have a tendency to kiss and tell. They are annoying. They always draw a loophole no matter how you explain things. And they will always be hopeless. The best thing to do is be ignorant and don’t threat back. They would only stop when they feel like nobody cares and they have no choice but to move on.

2. THE WASTED– These people are sentimental and too emotional. They would love to see themselves crying and self pitying instead of doing something else to distract the sudden breakup. They are always occupied by memories, the ones playing emo songs on Sunday or eating their feelings out to the max. They see temporary light in bottle of beer and cans of Cali and lots of it until it’s out of sight. They sleep with wet pillows. Dreaming is their sweet escape and waking up is the hardest part.

3. THE ELITE– They are usually the dominant ones in a relationship. They are the stubborn ones who would usually break the walls in a relationship. They are termed as heartbreakers but when it’s them whom you broke up with, they wouldn’t care at all. These people feel like the world is in their hands that they don’t mind whatever happens to the relationship at all. They easily cope up and they feel no pain because they easily find a new one. Their notion is to always go with the flow and stop when the flow goes wrong. Their first choice is to stop and not resolve so you would always go wrong in the end. They only say sorry once and when they got denied, they wouldn’t please you.

4. THE INTELLIGENT– These are strong and wise people who understand the logic of break ups. When it’s time, then it’s time. But unlike the elite people, they would go through all the odds and experiment the flow of relationship before they go to the last resort of breaking up. They would try new possibilities and strategies to work things out.Β  They are nice people to deal with for you can befriend them afterall what happened. They usually believe in ‘past is past’ passage and they would usually find light despite the pain. They feel hurt but are wise enough to deal with it. They would see the lesson and move on. They don’t retaliate. They don’t question the worth. They are just silent about the break up and they have sense of respect.

For whichever one you’ll be, one thing you have to remember is that you are left choiceless.

Break up is like a bumblebee bite, it stings too fast and it lasts too long and sometimes leave a mark.


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  1. Amazing. Can relate much.

  2. Nice and true!.. Miss your visits! Word from the wise… if you put cocoa butter and/or coconut oil on that mark, it will eventually go away. Sometimes marks are good reminders of the choices made and the choices to make in the future.

  3. I think the writer of this blog has an unbelievable sense of how people react differently to a breakup. Absolutely hit the nail on the head with regard to the different categories. I’m very impressed and look forward to reading your next blog.

  4. What about the 5th category? The one which doesn’t do break up? 31 years of marriage, and three years engaged before that. There’s a lot to be said for sticking together – through thick and thin.

    • oh hi, thanks for dropping by, well apparently the article only pertains to those who break up. So “not breaking up” isn’t belong to the abovementioned categories.
      πŸ™‚ Have a great day

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