Letter no. 46: What have we missed?

“I wish right now, I could go back to the day I met him and just walk away. Honestly, it would’ve samed me so much hurt and pain”

quotes about getting hurt (2)

Dear Michael,

He wanted me. I didn’t.
He liked me, I quietly did.
He didn’t give up, he cared for me,
He asked for a chance,
I gave him a chance,
And now.
He doesn’t want me, and I do.
In the name of acquaintance,
what have gone wrong, what have we missed?

He promised the moon and stars.
And he even tried to catch them from the sky.
And now,
he’s sending it back to clouds,
letting it go so high.
In the name of affair, what have we missed?

We shared secrets, and swore to keep it.
We dreamed together, and vowed to reach it.
But now, I’m wondrin what has happened to it,
In the name of the father, of the son and the holy spirit,
I am giving up the thought, of what have we missed.

When I was weak, he made me strong.
When I was down, he gave me reason to go on.
And now I’m standing up for him,
but he’s just too bad to be true.
In the name of love,
what have we missed?

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