Be Michael. Be part of the chain and be read by sharing your thoughts on any featured life or love letters. You can not only be an imaginary friend to someone but you can also be a visual friend to those who can relate.

Just create a response letter of any length not lower than 100 words. By being Michael yourself, your letter can be a response, a thought, a reaction, an agreement, a debate, an encouragement, an advise or an imagination to those letters sent to Michael. It can also be an answer to the “Question mark for you to break” section asked below every letters.

Just follow the following format:

*Follow this blog by clicking the “follow this blog” link on the top corner of this page
*Title: Response to: e.g letter no. 1 (copy and paste the link here)
*Addressee: Dear Coco
*The content of the letter
*Include your name, (full name is optional), age, profession, and one liner description of yourself.
*Attach your picture (optional)
*Plug your blog, website, page, social networking page, etc. (URL required)
*send to or

…because every letter deserves an answer.


For feedback and comments, please email me: or

MY PAGES:!/Ariesbayeta

  1. I am so very glad you stumbled upon my page and liked one of my poems so that I might be drawn here, to this beautiful idea. I am humbled by your endeavor and will most certainly send you a letter. ::speak peace and love on::

  2. Provocative. One of these days, the Michael in me is going to puke verses and write a poem a poem for Coco. 🙂

  3. Beautiful idea. I stumbled here when you liked my post about the Pope visit. another miracle for me.

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